Help Bring Black British Feminism to Seattle!
Image from the Seattle/Black Feminist Library:

Below is a note I posted on the S/BFL’s fb page today. Please spread the word, and pitch in if you can!

Greetings all, my name is Acquanda Stanford, and I am the Head Negress in Charge of the Seattle/Black Feminist Library — I’m the founder.

The S/BFL is an independent lending library that is not-for-profit and is open to all. It was started just over 1 year ago to bring the many viewpoints of Black feminists, Black women who are feminists, womanists and others who share similar ideas about our lived experiences, to a central location. You can read about us us to find out more. Back then the S/BFL had just a few items. We now have just over 300 pieces of material that include films, audio books and written texts and it continues to grow every day. I am incredibly humbled by how much people love and appreciate this space. We also just began having community events to bring people together while allowing folks to learn more about the incredible contributions Black women have made to society.

For spring break this March, I am flying across the Atlantic and going to the UK. I’ll be in London first. I am also going to the Netherlands, as well as, perhaps other areas in Europe. As a full-time graduate student, part-time (self-made) librarian, full time Black woman in Seattle and an anthropologist, it is extremely important to bring works from multiple perspectives. It is important to me to highlight these different ways people practice since it allows us to expand our insight while creating a larger sense of understanding, appreciation, and solidarity. But from where I stand, it is difficult, at least, to locate these — they’re hard to find unless you are on location. This is why I have decided to insert this endeavor into my spring break trip and be intentional in gathering these works while I am there, and asking for your help with building this section of the library.

I am asking for $15.00 for 15 days. This means that since I will be in the region for 15 days, I am asking each person to donate $15 which would be instrumental in providing support to get items such as books, films, zines, and other relevant materials from these Black Eurpoean Feminist perspectives for the S/BFL and bring it back to the States. One of my first stops in London will be at a feminist book shop and I will search out over venues as well.

I’ve already donated $15.00 towards this project. You can use the link here to do so (or pitch in what you can) and, of course, spread the word: If you have questions, just ask.

Thank you in advance, and see you at the library.


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