It’s #bellhooks Month!


It’s bell hooks month at the S/BFL! This means that for the duration of March, we’ll be highlighting this incredible feminist, critical thinker, activist, scholar, professor, and author of over 30 books, all centering ways to challenge social injustice — and as she describes it — to challenge imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy — and end all forms of domination.

Image source:

The Seattle/Black Feminist Library has most all of hooks’ titles. The image above list some but there are others, from the 1980s-her latest, Wring Beyond Race.

We’re so excited bell hooks Month is taking place during Women’s History Month, and are equally as jazzed at all of the women who will be centered in the many online and offline venues.

The video below, ‘This ain’t no pussy shit,’ is of a recent talk with bell hooks and Beverly Guy-Sheftall


If you haven’t already signed up to make bell hooks art with us in just under 2 weeks from now, you should. Here’s the link to do so!:


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