Black British Feminism (in Seattle)

A few titles from the Black British Feminist section @ the BFL

For spring break, acquanda went to Europe. One of the goals of this trip (besides radical Rest & Relaxation), was to begin building the Black British feminist section of the Black Feminist Library.

Materials like these are extremely difficult to find in the United States. One of our goals is to highlight how Black feminism — which mostly encompasses how Black women — have worked to change society in order to wage a more just and equitable world, which is why our library even exists. Black feminists, Black women who are feminists, and womanists, have been at the forefront of anti-racism, anti-sexist and anti-oppression strategic work since the beginning of time, and it is important to us to have a multi-dimensional and multi-angular perspective that showcases these different perspectives. It allows us to highlight the different ways they practice, and also enables us to expand our insight and create a larger sense of understanding of different struggles — seeing the similarities and differences, and to offer a greater level of appreciation and solidarity across the globe.

We send a special thanks to the following who helped support this project:

Local Community Members
NPARC (Non-Profit Anti-Racism Coalition)
UAW Local 4121
UW POC Anti-oppression group

Building different sections of our library is an ongoing project. The BFL is an independent, self-sustaining library and receives no institutional of government sponsorship. There is no charge to use our library and it open to all who are interested, so all may learn about the significant contributions Black women have made to the this society and around the world. If you or your organization would like to donate to this effort to showcase how Black feminism operates on a global scale or to help maintain this significant community space, then please do so here: If you’d like to donate via a different method or have other questions, then just email us: blackfeministlibrary(at) gmail (dot) com.

Gaining support from the community allows the library to remain membership fee-FREE, meaning it can remain accessible to all, rather than requiring each person to pay a monthly or annual cost to use it, which would significantly limit who is capable of having access to all of the radical and transformative materials.


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