1. Have safe space dedicated exclusively to Black feminism, Black feminist theory, and Womanism — with material that encompasses direct and very strong elements of these.

2. Provide an additional site of analysis. Most often, Black feminism is looked at largely via an academic lens — in textbooks and in scholarly journals. Although the SBF Library will eventually expand to include texts and other material, at this point we highlight video since we believe it provides the opportunity to understand Black feminism via a different vantage point. It also recognizes there are different areas of access for those who are not affiliated with academic institutions, and for those who may have a different learning ability that what is usually assumed with placing large concepts of Black feminism in written texts.

3. Support independent artists, Black feminists, Black women who are feminists and others who create, across genres of fiction and non-fiction, and produce material that more closely reflects our lived experiences.

4. Create a sense of pride in those who watch what is in our collection.

5. Foster community engagement via a central meeting place. Those who patronize the SBF Library will meet with others and share space that will help bolster ties in the community.

6. Inspire Black feminists and those interested in Black feminism to find new ways tell their stories.

7. Inspire Black feminists and those interested in Black feminism to incite social change.

8. Disrupt our exposure to white people. The white male and white female narratives that are entirely too prevalent in mainstream media, and forced down our throats on a daily basis.