New Beginnings for the Seattle/Black Feminist Library

  The S/BFL is taking a break in order to prepare for the start of some new beginnings. We've got some exciting news that's just around the corner, so keep up with us on here or on facebook for updates. The S/BFL will be back before you know it! Remember, you can also always borrow … Continue reading New Beginnings for the Seattle/Black Feminist Library


A Visit with Dr. Valerie Mason-John

We are so excited to announce a visit with Dr. Valerie Mason-John. Dr. Mason-John is a Black British feminist, lesbian, anti-bullying activist, Life Coach, performer, and Buddhist teacher, who currently resides in Canada. She is author of several books, with varying topics on sexuality in Britain, spirituality, and others, and will be convening with the … Continue reading A Visit with Dr. Valerie Mason-John

Black British Feminism (in Seattle)

For spring break, acquanda went to Europe. One of the goals of this trip (besides radical Rest & Relaxation), was to begin building the Black British feminist section of the Black Feminist Library. Materials like these are extremely difficult to find in the United States. One of our goals is to highlight how Black feminism … Continue reading Black British Feminism (in Seattle)

Audre Lorde Guided Paint Session

We opened and will also be closing out or celebration of International Black Feminist Poetry Month featuring our Black, feminist, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet, Audre Lorde. This guided session will be faciliated by Kelli Wimbly-Dinh. Learn more about Wimbly-Dinh's work here: Each participant will create and take with them this 12x12 canvas painting. Our … Continue reading Audre Lorde Guided Paint Session

International Black Feminist Poetry Month

The US says it's 'National Poetry Month,' but that's too limiting. We celebrate poets from around the world. This book, elephant., a book of poetry by Siana Bangura, is one of our newest titles at the library and in it Banguar talks largely about the particularities of being black and female in the UK. Happy … Continue reading International Black Feminist Poetry Month

It’s #bellhooks Month!

It's bell hooks month at the S/BFL! This means that for the duration of March, we'll be highlighting this incredible feminist, critical thinker, activist, scholar, professor, and author of over 30 books, all centering ways to challenge social injustice -- and as she describes it -- to challenge imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy -- and … Continue reading It’s #bellhooks Month!

Help Bring Black British Feminism to Seattle!

Below is a note I posted on the S/BFL's fb page today. Please spread the word, and pitch in if you can! Greetings all, my name is Acquanda Stanford, and I am the Head Negress in Charge of the Seattle/Black Feminist Library -- I’m the founder. The S/BFL is an independent lending library that is … Continue reading Help Bring Black British Feminism to Seattle!

Celebrating Black History Month – And Black Women’s Self Definition

For this Black History Month, we're highlighting the voices of Black women, focusing on what they had to say about their lives -- in their own words. While it's important to hear the ways all Black people make up the realm of attributes that constitute this sacred month (and throughout the year), highlighting Self-Definition through … Continue reading Celebrating Black History Month – And Black Women’s Self Definition

Wine:30 Art on My Mind – Easeling bell hooks

This event has been postponed to April 15th! For March, we're celebrating none other than the amazing author, professor, feminist, and critical thinker, bell hooks by creating a trio of mini easels with canvas painting & mixed media designs. Each easel is hand-crafted and canvases each measures 3" by 3" (Image coming soon!) We're getting … Continue reading Wine:30 Art on My Mind – Easeling bell hooks