We are hosting a day dedicated to creating Black Feminist Brag Books! (Note: This event is taking the place of Black Feminist Scrapbooking). fb event page here: These books are cute and uniquely constructed of brown lunch bags. They measure 5 1/2 x 5 and are decorated with countless embellishments! You can carry these … Continue reading BLACK FEMINIST BRAG BOOK



Driven by a love of scrapbooking, all-things paper craft, and Black feminist women, we are hosting a scrapbooking day dedicated to BLACK FEMINISTS! This event is open to all who are interested and will provide you the opportunity to engage in hands-on active learning about Black feminists here and from around the world! There’s no … Continue reading BLACK FEMINIST SCRAPBOOKING


  Anthropology is a branch of social science that looks at all aspects of human life. Given its history of helping create race, racism and other hierarchies, it’s no surprise that today few people of African descent practice this field of study; those who have, often used anthropology to create better societies. Through mini presentations … Continue reading BLACK WOMEN DOING: ANTHROPOLOGY

2018 BLACK HERSTORY CALENDAR: Illustrations of Radical Black Womxn

The Black Feminist Library is thrilled to have for sale a limited number of Black Herstory 2018 Calendar of Radical Black Womxn! They are hand illustrated prints by England-based artist, Jacob V. Royce. This 2018 calendar highlights 12 radical womxn who fought courageously and creatively against the hegemonies, oppressors and colonisers of their respective eras … Continue reading 2018 BLACK HERSTORY CALENDAR: Illustrations of Radical Black Womxn

So, let me tell you about my summer of Radical Black feminists

During summer, over two months I was in the United Kingdom. I didn't mean to stay for that long. I traveled solo and was only supposed to be there for a total of three weeks, before going to Iceland for a week on the way back with 'that' free stopover, but I canceled it and … Continue reading So, let me tell you about my summer of Radical Black feminists

Consider the Black Feminist Library on #GivingTuesday

Next week on 11/28/17, the Seattle/Black Feminist Library will be participating in #GivingTuesday. The BFL is a not-for-profit independent library whose main goal is to highlight the significant contributions Black feminist insights have made to our location, this society and around the world. This is done by have a space dedicated to showcasing the visual, … Continue reading Consider the Black Feminist Library on #GivingTuesday

New Beginnings for the Seattle/Black Feminist Library

  The S/BFL is taking a break in order to prepare for the start of some new beginnings. We've got some exciting news that's just around the corner, so keep up with us on here or on facebook for updates. The S/BFL will be back before you know it! Remember, you can also always borrow … Continue reading New Beginnings for the Seattle/Black Feminist Library

A Visit with Dr. Valerie Mason-John

We are so excited to announce a visit with Dr. Valerie Mason-John. Dr. Mason-John is a Black British feminist, lesbian, anti-bullying activist, Life Coach, performer, and Buddhist teacher, who currently resides in Canada. She is author of several books, with varying topics on sexuality in Britain, spirituality, and others, and will be convening with the … Continue reading A Visit with Dr. Valerie Mason-John

Black British Feminism (in Seattle)

For spring break, acquanda went to Europe. One of the goals of this trip (besides radical Rest & Relaxation), was to begin building the Black British feminist section of the Black Feminist Library. Materials like these are extremely difficult to find in the United States. One of our goals is to highlight how Black feminism … Continue reading Black British Feminism (in Seattle)